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Daniel Nashed


First Look into Windows 11

Daniel Nashed  13 October 2021 09:18:28

First Look into Windows 11

Here is my first look into the new Windows 11.
I took the time this morning to download and install Windows 11 Pro.

Looks good to me at first glance with some new fresh UI improvements.

The best I found WSL 2 is easy to setup!

Here are some details that might be helpful...

Image:First Look into Windows 11

Install Windows 11 on ESXi 7

First of all I created a new VM on my ESXi 7 server using a VM with hardware virtualization enabled.

Then after the first install failed I checked the system requirements ..

It turned out the limiting factor was the missing TPM 2.0 security device.

Secure boot, system resources and all other options haven't been an issue.

There is a more complicated way to create a virtual security device on VMware.

But I took the short-cut and disabled the check.

- In the installation screen use Shift + F10 to open a command prompt

Add the following registry key, which disables the check.
It future Microsoft might not allow updates without the security chip. But right now it works just fine.



I found two other registry parameters, which might help. But you really want secure boot enabled and have sufficient RAM! And I didn't test them in my setup.



WSL 2 Installation -- Easy to use embedded Windows Substem for Linux

After installing all security patches and rebooting I took a look into WSL 2.

When you use an admin command line you can just use the wsl command to install and update WSL2 in a very simple way:

wsl --install

wsl --update

In my environment it installed WSL2 with Ubutu automatically. Not sure if there is a way to select.
Ubuntu is a good distribution to use for WSL2. But you can also add more Linux distributions after the installation and reboot.

List available Linux distributions and versions

wsl --list --online

Install openSUSE 12

wsl --install -d openSUSE-42

After the installation I restarted wsl

wsl --shutdown

On Ubuntu I did a complete upgrade. Which went thru without any issues. And I am now on version 20.04 LTS.

apt-get update

apt-get upgrade

Install Docker Desktop with WSL2 support

Installing Docker Desktop just worked. It automatically detected my WSL2 environment.

And the Ubuntu and openSUSE integration works!

Also enabling the integrated Kubernetes support worked.

Notes 12.0.1 Beta 2 installation

Installing, configuring and running the current Notes beta worked also well.

Installing additional tools

So I continued to install my favorite tools..

notepad++, 7Zip, Git ..

All looks good so far.

And it is still possible to run without a Microsoft account.


I can't say if moving your productive Windows machine from Windows 10 to Windows 11 would be a vise move today.

But for a new VM test environment Windows 11 is a blast!

Specially when you use WSL2 and Docker this is a very pleasant experience.

Starting early with new software in an environment like this is a great way to start.

Once you worked around the new hardware requirements.


Just if someone is woundering: Notes 11.0.1 FP4 is and 12.0.1 will be supported on Windows 11.
As technoted today -->


1Roberto Boccadoro  13.10.2021 12:21:32  First Look into Windows 11 - Installing TPM for VMs

I found this article

very useful, I followed the instructions, pretty straightoforward and easy, and set up a Win 11 VM.

2Christian Henseler  13.10.2021 15:31:03  First Look into Windows 11 - Performance issues whith AMD Ryzen CPUs

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the usefule tips in regards to WSL :-)

While already running W11 in various VMs, for my main machine I am waiting for a fix for the known performance issue when using AMD Ryzen CPUs.

Reference (unfortunately in German):



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