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Daniel Nashed

Faster Domino server restart

Daniel Nashed – 12 May 2022 21:59:53

Domino waits for 10 seconds after shutdown before are restart for some legacy reason.
There is a notes.ini variable to reduce the number of seconds. I tested with Domino 12.0.x that it can be reduced to 1 second.

So a "restart server" will restart the server directly after shutdown.

Specially on test servers this is a very useful for impatient admins and developers -- like me.

-- Daniel



1Rainer Brandl  16.05.2022 7:52:32  Faster Domino server restart

Thanks for sharing this very helpful information !!

2Massimo Nadalin  16.05.2022 8:52:42  Faster Domino server restart

In the past I only tried to set it to 0, with no effect.

Apparently, 1 is the lowest admitted value.

Good to know. Thank you!



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