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Daniel Nashed


Extended Inbox Management via nshrun

Daniel Nashed  15 July 2010 13:02:25

Domino provides a way to reduce the number of documents in the Inbox based on the age of the documents and if they are already read or not.
All customers I explained what the feature does immediately said: "If this would move documents to a different folder ..."
So I implemented a folder move based on the age of the modified of the document to configurable folder that is automatically created.

The only extra option beside the number of days is currently that unread documents are not moved and that you get a detailed statistic about remaining entries, moved entries and unread entries that are skipped.

Before I release a new version of nshrun with those features, does someone have other ideas what could make sense in this functional area?

-- Daniel

1Eric Mack  15.07.2010 17:04:02  Extended Inbox Management via nshrun

I cringe when I read about automatic cleanup tools like this because, in my opinion, they are just a way of avoiding taking responsibility to process what's in the inbox. Moving unprocessed email to a folder has its benefits in terms of getting an empty inbox but it only defers the decision of what to do next. Just my $.02.

Regardless, I'm interested to see how you use this.


2Daniel Nashed  15.07.2010 20:59:04  Extended Inbox Management via nshrun


what can I say... this is really just a work-around for users keeping 20000 or sometimes even 50000 documents in their inboxes. We have seen this many many times.

If you are running archiving than the inbox is automatically cleared too ;-) but this is also just a work-around.

It is very hard to explain users how to work with their e-mail. and this is a bigger problem than just moving documents to a different folder.

But yes if nothing else helps this can boost performance of the inbox quite a lot.

The better approach would be to help users in the way they manage their mails after they have processed them.

On the other side we have seen users with a couple of hundred folders and sub-folders ...This might also not be the right approach...

-- Daniel



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