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Daniel Nashed


Error Text for Error Domino messages

Daniel Nashed  20 August 2010 10:44:12
Sometimes if your Notes Client or Server is in a very bad situation you might get an error number without an error text.
In most of those cases there is an error text but it is not shown.

Here is an example:

"Lotus Notes error 0x1767"

In such a case you can use the Domino console on a running server to get the error text.

> show message 1767
[1FD8:0008-0610] Operation canceled

This should always give you the error text if there is an error text internally.

But some errors have no text. that's why you sometimes see cryptic dialogs wich hex error codes and a #

There are also ways in the C-API to get the error text and I have my own internal tools to lookup error text and also map semaphore numbers.
But this is a simple out of the box way to do it ;-)

-- Daniel

1Andy Brunner  20.08.2010 12:21:38  Error Text for Error Domino messages

Great tip - I didn't knew that.

Thanks for sharing this tip with us.

2norm van bergen  20.08.2010 14:48:14  Error Text for Error Domino messages

Thanks Daniel - didn't know this one.

3Andersonn  30.09.2010 11:28:10  Error Text for Error Domino messages

Daniel ... How to find the semaphore codes's corresponding task/error message . Because in most of the cases we don't get to see an explict one in logs etc.

4Daniel Nashed  06.10.2010 19:54:03  Error Text for Error Domino messages


normally you should see the name of the semaphore in the semdebug.txt. the statistics value does only show the number.

if there is no name listed for a semaphore in the semdebug.txt there is usually no way to get the name or description of the semaphore.

I have build a tool for myself to get the name of the semaphores for convenience when troubleshooting but I get not much more semaphores resolved than what is written into semdebug.txt.

-- Daniel



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