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Daniel Nashed


Enhanced PDF Output in Lotus Symphony 3.0

Daniel Nashed  28 June 2010 07:46:00

The PDF Export functionality in Lotus Symphony was quite limited and specially when exporting presentations with screen-prints we ran into quality issues because the images have been always scaled down.
Now with Symphony 3.0 we have a very flexible and powerful new export option which allows you to keep the full quality of the screen prints in your presentation (lossless compression or set the quality to 100%). And we also got PDF/A-1a converting ...

Thanks to the Symphony team!

-- Daniel


1Christian Henseler  28.06.2010 16:09:12  Enhanced PDF Output in Lotus Symphony 3.0

Wundervolle Nachrichten! :-)

Nur schade, dass es Symphony 3.0 nicht direkt in die nächste Lotus Notes 8.5.x Version schafft, da es erst später released werden wird.



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