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Daniel Nashed


End of Service for JVM 1.6

Daniel Nashed  25 November 2017 13:34:30

IBM uses the Oracle JVM as their base for their IBM JVM platform which is used in IBM products like Notes, Domin and Traveler.

JVM 6.0 has been around for almost 10 years and is now discontinued since Sep 2017.
Oracle discontinued their support for JVM 1.6 so IBM cannot support JVM 1.6 on their side.

That also means for IBM platforms that there is no patch support for JVM 1.6!

For Notes and Domino means you have to update to 9.0.1 FP8/FP10 for JVM 1.8 and hopefully FP10 will bring compile time for JVM 1.8 as well (current planning).

If you are running on Notes/Domino 8.5.3 or an earlier 9.0.1 FP don't panic. Most Java applications on Domino are not directly accessible over the network. There is at least the Domino HTTP stack between the client and the Java application.

On the client side you might have direct connection from the client to the internet. And for encrypted connections there have been limitations before in the SSL/TLS area as posted before.
For example there is just very limited TLS 1.2 support in JVM 1.6 with just one chiper.

I personally would still wait for Feature Pack 10 and have the full JVM 1.8 support also at compile time. But you should be aware that it is time to move to a current release.

If you are on 9.0.1 you are just a "FP" install away. If you are on 8.5.3 there are another good reasons to move to a current 9.0.1 release from security point of view. For example missing SHA-256 support and no TLS 1.2 support - not just for JVM.

Here is a link to the support cycle for the IBM JVM


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