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Daniel Nashed

Domiono V14 backup for notes.ini

Daniel Nashed – 31 May 2023 15:12:57

Domino backup is around since 12.0 and it got improvements in every release.
There are not many current AHA ideas for Domino Backup & Restore.

One smaller feature you can see in EAP1 is the backup of the notes.ini.

The notes.ini gets the same type of date stamp you know from the log.
And it is attached to the backup log document and/or written to the backup configuration directory.

The backup log document is cleaned up with the purging of a backup along with the file on disk with the same name if configured.

This closes a small gap in for backing up relevant information for a disaster recovery.
Another important part would be the, which should never be backed up to the same location for security reasons.
My personal wish would be to have ID Vault support for server.ids.

With this small change you have a notes.ini backup always available -- without any restore operation.

Usually the backup log directory is backed up as well as the dominobackup.nsf.

But in a disaster case for a restore a database location might not be the right way.
Domino backup exports the configuration in DXL and can even read the configuration from the DXL instead of the NSF for a restore.
And there is a way to rebuild the backup inventory for a backup from the log documents.

-- Daniel

Image:Domiono V14 backup for notes.ini
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