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Daniel Nashed


Domino ZFS Snapshot Backup

Daniel Nashed  18 June 2022 16:54:39

Image:Domino ZFS Snapshot Backup

ZFS is one of my favorite file-systems. And I posted before about using it as a backup target.
The integration is pretty simple with Domino backup, because it is a simple file backup.

Now that we have the new VSS Writer for Domino 12.0.2 on Windows, it is time to look into ZFS snapshots.

For now this is native Linux for now, because you need OS level calls to create snapshots and more important for mounting the backup to the server for a restore operation.
But for native Domino on Linux this is pretty cool! ZFS has many advantages including sending and receiving snapshots in remote locations. This also includes encryption!

ZFS has quite a history and with the move to OpenZFS it's now available in Linux distributions.
One of the best integration is SUSE Linux Leap 15.3 and higher, where ZFS can be installed out of the box.

Here is a must watch video if you are interested in ZFS and there is also a presentation:

Now working on the DNUG lab and final presentation preparations, I thought it would time to get this implemented.
I will demo it at #DACHNUG 49 conference next week.
And depending on feedback, I will make the configuration available via a DXL file.

If you are at #DACHNUG 49 conference next week, stop by at the DNUG Lab booth.

I have setup another server native on Linux running on ZFS, which runs the OpenZFS snapshot integration.

We can look into all details live. I have prepared many different integrations running servers in the lab environment.

-- Daniel

Additional note:

There is some optimization potential, if the Domino Backup application would provide the full restore file including the .DELTA file.
I have worked around this in multiple configurations and I think it would make sense the default restore file would already contain the .DELTA extension.

Image:Domino ZFS Snapshot Backup


1Lars Berntrop-Bos  29.06.2022 10:08:34  Domino ZFS Snapshot Backup

Proxmox (Debian based hypervisor) also has great ZFS support

2Daniel Nashed  29.06.2022 13:28:58  Domino ZFS Snapshot Backup

@Lars, but you don't want to run Domino on the Proxmox host .. So I don't see why ZFS would be relevant in this case.

Proxmox uses it for it's host OS..



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