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Daniel Nashed


    Domino V10 Support Statement for CentOS

    Daniel Nashed  19 October 2018 05:38:07
    You will not find CentOS on the supported platforms listed for Domino V10 directly. But the following technote is a full support statement in my view.
    We had long discussions about having CentOS support and I think it was really needed specially for the containers Domino on Docker is build on.

    In 99% of the cases a problem on CentOS will be the same on the corresponding RHEL version.
    But we have not been able to open support calls, because CentOS wasn't listed in the supported platforms.

    The following technote will allow you to open support calls running Domino on CentOS.
    It doesn't makes CentOS a completely supported platform. But this isn't something that I would expect from a free Linux OS where you have only community support in general.

    HCL changed the build platform to CentOS 7.4. So you can also expect that they will do any possible effort to make it work on CentOS and they would see issues coming up quite early.

    So in case not everyone in support knows about it yet, this technote should help you

    1Bodo  19.10.2018 10:13:28  Domino V10 Support Statement for CentOS

    Was ist denn mit SUSE Linux Enterprise Support?

    2Daniel Nashed  19.10.2018 13:20:51  Domino V10 Support Statement for CentOS

    @Bodo, SLES 12 is supported and is listed in the system requirements.

    SLES 11 also has the older glibc like RHEL 6.x and will not work.

    -- Daniel



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