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Daniel Nashed


Domino Unix Start Script Tip: debug logs

Daniel Nashed  14 April 2021 14:43:47

Maybe I should start writing up tips for some not so well known function in the Domino start script for Linux & Unix ..
I implemented some of the functionality just for my own convenience :-)

For example when you want to debug an issue. just run "domino archivelog" once to archive your current logs into a zip.

Than do your test and run the command again with an additional tag

domino archivelog domino11_connect

Using Domino config File [/etc/sysconfig/rc_domino_config]

Archived log file to '/local/notesdata/notes_210414_164321_domino11_connect.log'

This will archive the log with the current date and time as usually but append the tag you specified.

You can continue testing your next test case and later on collect the ready to go ZIP files.

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