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Daniel Nashed

Domino Transaction log on ZFS

Daniel Nashed – 3 March 2024 12:11:59

This isn't a new topic. I ran into it with my first Proxmox customer years ago.

But this might hit more customer in future, running with Translog on ZFS in TrueNAS Scale devices, Proxmox and other native ZFS environments.

The underlying problem is that ZFS uses 128K block sizes by default as you can see here:

st_blksize (Preferred I/O block size)

stat /local/notesdata/names.nsf

File: /local/notesdata/names.nsf

Size: 32505856        Blocks: 15780      IO Block:
131072 regular file

When setting the CREATE_R85_LOG=1 notes.ini parameter, Domino tries to use the preferred I/O block size.

128 KB is bigger than what Domino Translog expects and the server crashes.

Not setting the parameter is leaving you with a very small assumed block size of 512 bytes -- which is not desirable either.

So the best way would be to adjust the block size for the translog ZFS file-system and keep CREATE_R85_LOG=1 enabled.

Change the ZFS block size to a good size

The block size of a ZFS file-system can be changed on the fly. I just changed it to 32k and got my translog created.

zfs set recordsize=32K nsh-pool/translog

In my tests a 32k block size worked. I would personally not set the block size too small so maybe 16k would be probably a good size.

But this would be a good question for HCL to see what the native block size would be and adjust to it.

This might not be just an application but also a ZFS storage back-end question.

-- Daniel

Transaction Log Error with ZFS and CREATE_R85_LOG=1

[067323:000002-00007F09D13465C0] HCL Domino (r) Server (64 Bit), Release 14.0, November 09, 2023

[067323:000002-00007F09D13465C0] (C) Copyright HCL Technologies. 1987, 2023

[067323:000002-00007F09D13465C0] Please wait, creating new transaction logs in directory: /local/translog/

Stack base = 0x33d2967c, Stack size = 6240 bytes

Fatal Error signal = 0x00000008 PID/TID = 67323/11010001001101000110010111000000d

3/3/2024 11:45:13  Running NSD

NSD is in progress .................

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