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Daniel Nashed

Domino Start Script New Version with minor changes released

Daniel Nashed – 7 September 2010 14:27:54

Today I released a new version (2.0) of my start script. It has basically one change and one fix.

The fix is Solaris specific. The tail command used in the script was the standard Solaris version which is missing some features which caused some issues.
The script now uses the POSIX version of tail to correct this issue.

The other change is that the "hang" command is now generating 3 NSDs dumping only the call-stacks instead of using -nomemcheck.
This can be a lot faster specially on large servers because all the system information is not collected. The last NSD is still a full NSD.

Beside that there is nothing new. The main reason is because I have currently no ideas what to add.

If you have a special need or have made changes in your version that you would like to see in the standard let me know.
I will check if it could make it into the standard script.


Here is a link to the script -->

-- Daniel


1Daniel Silva  07.09.2010 18:06:55  Domino Start Script New Version with minor changes released

Hi Daniel,

Can you put a link to your script download page?


2Sean Cull  07.09.2010 18:27:53  Domino Start Script New Version with minor changes released


thanks for sharing this script, I have it on all of our servers.


3Chris Blackburn  10.11.2010 23:57:17  Domino Start Script New Version with minor changes released

I LOVE your scripts too. I used it on some AIX servers we have.

I created a menu script that calls your start scripts and does LOTS of other useful things (below). If you would like more information about it, I'd be glad to send it to you. Also, I have taken the "start" option and included the correct start (and also stop) scripts for a SameTime server which as we know does not behave properly to normal start or stop. I had to know how to tell if it was a SameTime server, in my case the server name is xxx-SAM-01, but a variable in your system IS_THIS_SAMETIME=yes (or something like it) would even be nicer.

This script is not perfect (there are still a couple of bugs in it), but it extends the goodness and capabilities of your start scripts so that an Admin does not have to be a UNIX expert (I wrote it for my colleagues who were not as proficient in UNIX...I got some of the ideas from the iSeries WRKDOMSVR menu--why IBM has't taken that to AIX I know not!)




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