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Daniel Nashed

Domino Start Script New Version 3.1.0

Daniel Nashed – 11 February 2016 14:26:10

As already mentioned at IBM ConnectED last week, I am working on a new version of my start script.

Most of the new functionality has been build in because I found it useful for the customer environments I am working in.

On top of the new functionality I added a new script "rc_all" that can start, stop, cleanup, diag ... all partitions a the same time.
The new rc_all script is a separate script that will search for your Domino partition rc-scripts and is mainly interesting when you run Linux machines with multiple partitions.

The new version of the start script has a couple of other additions which could be quite helpful.

You can edit the notes.ini with a simple"ini" command or show current notes.ini setting.
"lastlog" shows you the last log lines from the output log which could be input for a grep command.
By default the last 100 lines but you can specify an optional the number of lines.

The new version can also enable/disable/check the rc-service with the "service" command.

For diagnostics I added the "stacks" command which will quickly just dumps the call-stacks without other NSD functionality (less overhead).

The biggest change is the cleanup of the log files. You can now specify how long logs are stored and the logs are removed when you use the "clearlog" command
or when you enable the log clear functionality at startup in the configuration.

There are a couple of options and I also added some functionality for clearing temporary files at startup.

I have also added more functionality for the system database compact (you can leverage DBMT and there are separate other options) and also a separate log.nsf compact is available.

One of my customers also requested that the log.nsf can be renamed on startup.
I have added a new feature to move the log.nsf with a different name to a backup directory on startup after n days (this avoids creating a new database on every short term startup).

All functionality is completely customizable. There are settings for each of the commands.

I would be very interested to get your feedback about the new commands and options and before I release it, I would like to send it to some admins for beta testing.

If you are interested, feel free to drop me a short mail and I will send you the current state of the start script.
I am using it in customer environments and on my servers already in production.

But I still want to get some feedback before I release it. Documentation is already updated.

Here is the complete extract of what is new in this release.

I hope you like the new functionality


Change History

V3.1.0 20.01.2016

New Features

New command "clearlog"
Clears logs, custom logs and log backups as configured.
Optionally you can specify custom log cleanup days with two additional parameters.
First parameter defines log cut-off days for logs and second parameter defines cut-off days for backup logs.

New command "version" shows version of start script

New command "inivar" displays notes.ini setting specified

New command "ini" to edit the notes.ini of the server

New command "lastlog" shows last log lines. by default 100 lines are displayed.
Optionally you can specify the number of log lines

New command "service" for Linux enables/disables the Domino server "service".
Works for rc-systems and also systemd. Allows to check, enable, disable the service.

New command "stacks" runs NSD stacks only

New option for command "archivelog"

- additional parameter to specify an additional string to add to the archive log file name

New Parameters to enable new features

Number of days until logs are cleared

Number of days until backup logs are cleared

Custom log clear script will be used instead of the standard log clear operations and replaces all other clear operations!

Compact task can now be specified. By default "compact" is used.
Another option would be to use "dbmt" in Domino 9.

Log compact options

Start log compact options

Rename log database on startup after n days

Target directory for rename log database on startup / default "log_backup" in data dir

Moving the log.nsf will be executed before starting the server and after startup compact/fixup operations
You can specify a directory inside or outside the Domino data directory


Option for the new "ini" command for changing the editor.

New option to specidy a different command for removing old tempfiles on startup (default: "rm -f")


New option to specify a different command for removing expired log files (default: "rm -f")


The script only deletes *TMP files in data directory which are at least 1 day old to ensure no important files are deleted.

The "nsd" command by default will generate a NSD with memcheck -- full nsd
"fullnsd" command is removed from documentation but can still be used.
"nsdnomem" is now used to generate a NSD without memcheck.

Problems Solved
When checking resources (shared mem, MQs, Semaphores) the ipcs command in combination with grep is used to check the resources for a certain partition/user.
The ipcs command does not allow to specify a user-name. The was a potential issue whe the login user-names where sub-strngs of each other.
Exampple "notes" and "notes1".  Even this is fixed it is still recommended to ensure that login names are not sub-strings of reach other.

1Ray Bilyk  11.02.2016 16:46:04  Domino Start Script New Version 3.1.0

I'm sorry that I missed you at IBM Connect 2016.

Thank you once again for this incredible script! It is a lifesaver time and time again!!!


2Thales  07.03.2016 13:29:55  Domino Start Script New Version 3.1.0


I need the script for my Test Domino Server R.9.0.1.

Can you sent pls ?

many thanks

3John Willemse  15.03.2016 15:47:36  Domino Start Script New Version 3.1.0

Nice work. I will start testing soon. Please provide the new download link for CentOS 7.

4Michael Knost  06.04.2016 19:45:50  Domino Start Script New Version 3.1.0

Great blog and very helpful informations...

Can you sent me your startscript pls? We have updated from domino 7 to 9 and I think this can be very useful.

many thanks


5Lonnie Huffaker  27.04.2016 22:03:52  Domino Start Script New Version 3.1.0

Can I get a copy of the 3.1.0 script getting ready to put up another server and would like to try the new script

6Markus Schmuck  24.05.2016 15:26:26  Domino Start Script New Version 3.1.0

Hello Daniel,

can you please send me the current version of the start script?

many thanks, Markus

7Daniel Nashed  24.05.2016 16:23:42  Domino Start Script New Version 3.1.0

@Martin, the new version is releases. you can request it here


8Oleg  17.11.2016 13:18:39  Domino Start Script New Version 3.1.0

Hello Daniel,

can you please send me the current version of the start script?

many thanks, Oleg

9Daniel Nashed  20.11.2016 10:34:27  Domino Start Script New Version 3.1.0

you can request the script here -->

10Lonnie Huffaker  10.10.2018 21:12:49  Domino Start Script New Version 3.1.0

Hey quick question for you if I start my Domino server on Linux RHEL 7.5 I can make the connection to a oracle server via DECS admin...but if I start the server with your script it fails to make the connection....I can send you whatever files you want .....just hopeful you can give me some insight on this? Thanks in advance



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