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Daniel Nashed


    Domino Start Script 3.2.0 with Docker Support

    Daniel Nashed  2 December 2018 21:31:29
    Finally I released start script version 3.2.0. After it was almost done I got a request for add Docker support :-)

    Domino on Docker works a bit different than other Linux implementations.
    The current versions sort of use systemd. But it's not completely implemented.

    So the right way to start and stop Domino is to use the entry point of the Docker container.
    The Start Script contains an entry point script that handles the start and stop of the server.
    It works in combination with the rc_domino_script.

    After the server is started, the entry point script waits for the shutdown in a loop.
    When a container is shutdown a signal SIGTERM is send before s SIGKILL is send.
    For a proper shutdown the default shutdown time needs to be extended from 10 seconds to a longer time like 60 seconds with the --time option for the "docker stop" command.
    The entry point catches those signals and does a proper shutdown.

    In addition to this the new install_script routine is Docker aware and installs the entry point along with the start script.

    All components and the new functionality is documented in the readme contains  all the details about the new functionality.

    The start script is now distributed under Apache 2.0 License to allow to include it in other projects like distributing it with a Docker script ;-)

    You can request the new version on the start script here ->

    -- Daniel

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