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Daniel Nashed

Domino Server controller listening on all IPs

Daniel Nashed – 24 January 2023 17:18:39

By default the server controller detects the host name and tries to bind to the host name only.

In most cases there is no need to bind to the host name, if you are just running with one partition (which should be the case for most of use in today's VM deployment scenarios).

Specially inside a Docker/K8s container name resolution can be a challenge.

I have used this parameter before to explicitly bind to the loop back address for security reasons.

But this also works the other way around. The following parameter lets the server controller bind to all IP addresses on your host!


Please note "TCPIP" is the default port name, which might be different in some configurations.

I came up with his in a private discussion where an admin move Domino to a different box, where the server did have a different host-name.

This will be in my deployment best practices from now on and specially interesting for running Windows in side a container.

Special note:

If you specify, you can't connect locally any more, because does not match your local IP address you are connecting with.
So if you need a local connection, specify the IP address of the machine that most likely stays permanently.

In case you are using DHCP with changing IPs this is more challenging. You need to make sure the name resolution works with DHCP and use the DNS name instead.

But this tip is still very useful for containers where you have no local connection!

If you only care to have a local console, should be always the safest bet.
It will just always work, because the loopback IP and network interface is always there.
And it is more safe anyhow!

-- Daniel


1Adrian Osterwalder  25.01.2023 11:09:23  Domino Server controller listening on all IPs

Thanks Daniel for sharing this. I thought this would be the perfect solution for my local development server.... because when I switch between LAN, WLAN or WWAN or connecting with VPN, sometimes the Java Domino Console disconnects because the IP changes.

But unfortunately with this parameter I can't easily connect to the server with the Java Domino Console anymore. I get the error message "localAdmin needs to connect from the same machine as the Server Controller/Domino Server.".



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