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Daniel Nashed


Domino Portable Edition - Building the smallest Domino server

Daniel Nashed  3 August 2019 16:06:51
Sadly I haven't been at the HCL Factory tour #3 in Chelmsford.
I would like to have seen the demo first hand. But I got live tickers over iMessage when Thomas Hampel took a lot of spare time to build it.

Thomas did show the smallest Domino server running on a small pocket size Linux based machine leveraging Docker CE on Ubuntu with the official
Domino on Docker script.

You should have a look at his
blog post for details.

The reason for Ubuntu is the missing hardware support on SLES/RHEL/CentOS for the CPU used in this tiny device.

But the beauty is that Docker works the same on Ubuntu and runnning our Docker image is supported.
Thomas could have build the image also on the Docker host installed on that machine.

On the other side it was faster to export and import the Docker image from a build machine and it shows how you could do it if you have Docker installed on a different device or on the cloud where you have to import the image.

That's Thomas for the time you spend on it also for the step by step documentation and the pictures!
It is really great to see what is possible. The tricky part was the Linux install. The Docker part works unmodified.

I was a big fan of the foundation server. And having something like this again but as a software solution for different standard hardware like the Intel NUC would be very cool!

Now you have a smaller box than the NUC you and me used for our DNUG Docker workshop earlier this year ;-)

Have a great weekend!

-- Daniel


1Eric Mack  04.08.2019 23:08:14  Domino Portable Edition - Building the smallest Domino server

Danial, thanks for this heads up on this. Are you aware if anyone has made a current video or document for newbies on how to set up Docker? I feel like I am missing some concepts.

2Friedhelm Klein  05.08.2019 4:42:03  Domino Portable Edition - Building the smallest Domino server

Hi Daniel, I still have an Orbsmart AW-03 HDMI stick with a quad core Atom x5-Z8300 series CPU and 4GB RAM / 32GB MMC Flash laying around somewhere in my parts boxes. Maybe I can give it another try, too. I had the same issues installing Centos on the device, so it stayed with Windows 10 preinstalled. That I can use Docker to get it up and running on Ubuntu sounds promising. The stick should be even slightly smaller than your Zotac. The CPU is slower per core but has twice as many cores, not ideal for mainly single threaded domino tasks, but will try it out.

3Daniel Nashed  05.08.2019 6:45:25  Domino Portable Edition - Building the smallest Domino server

@Friedhelm, give it a try! Yes it will be slower! The CPU speed matters.

But Domino should take benefit on multiple CPU cores!

Each process at least has one main thread like Amgr, Replicator.

So that would spread the load already to multiple CPU cores.

And processes like server and http have many worker threads running in parallel.

Amgr has multiple executives running in separate processes.

But the performance of a single process like Amgr will be slower because of the slow CPU.

Hardware compatibility is challenging for a special hardware device like those mini PCs.

I got a Intel NUC/NUK for a good reason. The small box I got has an Intel i3 with hardware virtualization which is running a ESXi. That gives me a lot of flexibility and options for all flavours of OS :-)

-- Daniel

-- Daniel

4Thomas Bergen  19.09.2019 8:59:33  Domino Portable Edition - Building the smallest Domino server

There is no CentOS support missing for this CPU you just have to change boot parameters for installation image:

- quiet

+ intel_pstate=disable

+ text

I showed this in and yes it works with CentOS 7.

-- Tom



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