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Daniel Nashed


Domino V12 One Touch Setup in December Code Drop

Daniel Nashed  7 December 2020 20:24:18

We have been using automated setups by modifying PDS files for a while in our Docker project.

PDS files are the files the Java setup writes and which are read by Java code during first server start).

Now we got something even better integrated into core Domino!

This approach has a couple of benefits:

1. It's build into core Domino and works cross platform

2. Supports environment variables and a JSON file that you can pass to the server to configure it

3. There are more options already than what we have with PDS files and it is more flexible.

4. You can automatically setup the basic options for an ID vault!

5. There is also a way to create additional test servers in this first step.

See details here:

I have been already playing with it today and I wrote a demo for our RNUG session on Thursday, stay tuned :-)

Docker Community Script Update

Oh of course our Docker project can optionally already use the new setup variables.

If SetupAutoConfigure=1 is set, the new setup will be used in the Domino community add-on image.

So you will see that we are adopting new Domino functionality as soon they are available.

-- Daniel

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