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    Domino on WSL support for Linux Nash!Com scripts!

    Daniel Nashed  9 December 2021 19:02:03

    Many admins and developers are using WSL for a while. I also have WSL installed on my notebook. And I blogged about it quite early in combination with Docker Desktop.
    Because I have some many other options, I never seriously looked into Domino on WSL for my own environment.
    But It turns out that the combination also is a very good extension to my Linux zoo and could be come one of my main test & dev platforms.

    With WSL you actually don't need an extra VM anymore (VMware, VirtualBox, Hyper-V) to run Domino on Linux.

    And it is also an excellent choice to run Domino in a Docker container.

    The integration into Windows is also much easier than with a classical VM.
    Therefore I now added WSL support for all the Linux scripts

    This is part of the work I do for an initiative to push Domino on Linux in the community.
    With the scripts and the installers it is almost more simple to run Domino on Linux then on Windows.
    And I plan to describe different environments to run Domino for testing.

    WSL will be one of the best choices for Linux applications on a local Windows machine.

    -- Daniel

    Domino start script (which is part of the One-Touch Domino install)

    This is one of the core components used in different places. The scripts and also the install script are now fully WSL aware.

    WSL does currently not support systemd. So the install_script does install the start script in a bit different way.
    Also the operations inside the start script are now WSL aware and allow you to start the Domino server via domino start/stop -- without a systemd service.

    Domino One-Touch Install Script

    All the changes needed are in the start script installer. So there have been no code logic changes in the script.
    It automatically detects that it is running inside WSL

    Once installed, you can just use the "domino" start script like in any other Domino native installation.

    Domino Container script

    Many customers and partners are already looking into Domino in containers and need a build and run-time environment.
    Because Docker Desktop might be overkill for many of us and needs to be paid at least by larger customers soon, running Docker inside a WSL Linux can be a valid option.

    I also made the domino_container script and installer WSL aware.
    And because WSL does not have systemd support, I added dockerd start/stop functionality to the domino_container script.

    The domino_container docker start | stop is a new option.

    All the other options are available as you know them from other platforms.
    So now you can also install and run a Domino server with just three commands on WSL.

    Some side notes about WSL

    My favorite platform for WSL is openSUSE Leap 15.3.

    As you can see in the screenshot WLS already runs a 5.x kernel -- which is not supported by Domino officially.
    And also SUSE Leap 15.3 alone would install a 5.x kernel.

    But for non-production/development environments this should be OK.

    Current state

    Currently only the develop branch is updated. So you have to update the script from the cloned git repository -- not the start_script.tar.
    But in a couple of days I will push this to the master branch.

    Here is a screen shot from the new "about" option I added some weeks ago into the Domino start script and the domino_container script.

    Image:Domino on WSL support for Linux Nash!Com scripts!

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