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Daniel Nashed


Domino on Win2008 Hotfix Needed for Performance / Hang Issue

Daniel Nashed  8 July 2010 06:39:43

There is a hang and/or performance issue running Domino on Win2008 when you shutdown the server or the dbache is flushed.
This might affect your server also in other situations. We have customers running into performance issues and the fix helped to get it resolved.

Here is a brand new technote describing the problem in detail

And here is the referenced Microsoft technote providing detailed information about the hotfix on Microsoft side

If you are running Domino on Win 2008 you have to apply this hotfix

-- Daniel

1Jos Balster  08.07.2010 17:04:38  Domino on Win2008 Hotfix Needed for Performance / Hang Issue

Daniel, very happy that after spending substantial amount of time debugging this I found your blog. We have 2x Windows 2008 server x64 running Domino 851 running in cluster and experiencing exactly this issue. We will apply this fix on one of the cluster partners at earliest maintenance window and let you know the result.

Thanks again!

2Marc L├╝ling  27.12.2010 10:51:40  Domino on Win2008 Hotfix Needed for Performance / Hang Issue

Hello Daniel,

i`ve downloaded these hotfix from your link for the Windows Server Standard 2008 R2:

{ Link } for Windows 2008

{ Link } for Windows 2008 R2

Both hotfixes will not be installed.


Windows Update Standalone Installer


The update does not apply to your system

Any ideas ?





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