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Daniel Nashed

Domino on Linux Logging Optimization

Daniel Nashed – 30 July 2011 09:53:45

Currently I am working on a larger Domino on Linux implementation.
Beside optimizing NSF, DAOS, FT and view_rebuild with separate disks I am looking into optimizing logging.

Linux provides a temp file-system (tempfs) which is very I/O optimized for temporary files only stored for a very short time like view rebuild and also the console.log.
On Unix and Linux you can keep the console logging disabled but there is still the small 1k log file that you need to take care of.
The default location for the console-log is data/IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT/console.log. With debug_outfile (which is a synonym for console.log) you can move this file to a different location.
You can also move the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory to a different location.

Here is an example what we use in our project

notes.ini settings


The main issue using tmp and the tempfs is that you usually need a separate directory per server.
But normally you have to recreate the directories after server reboot because temp directories are deleted on startup.
So I added some more functionality to the starts script.

In the next version of the start script you can specify directories in the configuration which will be automatically created.

This is what I plan for the next version. If you have additional ideas or requirements let me know by mail.

-- Daniel

# -- output/input log directory 

# -- backup log directory 

# -- View Rebuild Dir to be created if not present (use notes.ini view_rebuild_dir to specify directory) -- 

# -- Notes Temp Dir to be created if not present (use notes.ini notes_tempdir to specify directory) -- 

# -- Notes Log Dir to be created if not present (use notes.ini logfile_dir to specify directory) -- 

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