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Daniel Nashed


    Domino Linux Start Script Feedback Request

    Daniel Nashed  23 May 2019 17:41:53
    This week I had a couple of discussions about start script management and deployment.
    I have been at a customer who wanted to keep their existing none-standard locations for the Domino data directory and also the binary location.

    Now with systemd environments we have another file that contains the path to the main script logic which is located by default in /opt/ibm/domino/rc_domino-script.

    New Start Script Location (/opt/nashcom, /usr/bin)?

    I have introduced simple install script which installs and updates the start script -- if you are using the default locations.

    But the location might change again with Domino 11 because the binary path contains "ibm".

    I thought about how to make the Domino binary directory and the data directory configurable in an easier way, without a complicated install routine that replaces text in configuration files.

    Taking this all together this sounds like I should move the start script main script "rc_domino_script" into a location which isn't depending on the Domino binary directory name.

    This would allow me to easier implement automatic configuration and be more flexible for the future.

    Of course the install script would take care of the current location for your rc_domino_script. It would read your current configuration and create a link to the new location to ensure existing configurations would continue to work.

    It's still quite a change which could impact the way you install and run the start script.

    Start Script New Home on Git?

    In addition I am thinking about other ways to maintain the start script. What would you think about having the start script and the documentation located on github?

    I would need to move the documentation to MD format and it would look good on-line. But I would keep a tar file in the project to allow to download it as a single tar for anyone not using git software today.

    Those changes would be quite big. So I thought about asking for feedback before implementing them.

    Your feedback via simple 10 question survey

    I have created a simple survey which doesn't ask for very specific information like number of servers and users etc. It also will not ask for a name. It's only for me to understand where you are and what you need.

    You can comment here or fill out the survey which I have created. This is the first survey I am doing at all. And I am really curios of the results.

    Of course you can also comment here or send me private emails. But I would really appreciate your feedback on the survey.

    Some of the questions are needed for new functionality and I have been discussing with another BP for example how many admins are using "sudo".

    Here is the link -->

    Update: Just noticed the website was in German, when I started.
    I thought they will translate the text " Sonstiges (bitte angeben)" automatically into other languages.
    But it took my language on the website... I changed the text but the change did not show for me.
    So it means "Other (please specify). Next time I will switch the website to English first.

    And of course I will share the results.




    1zafer  24.05.2019 12:12:35  Domino Linux Start Script Feedback Request

    5. Is "sudo" being used on your Linux/UNIX servers? (sudo allows unprivileged users to run selected commands as root)



    We may consider it for the future

    I think you mean "no" ;-)



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