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Daniel Nashed

Domino HTTP show kyr file used

Daniel Nashed – 28 September 2020 05:40:53
Just ran into "tell http show security"
I did not notice it before.
Can be useful to show the currently configured kyr file per website.

Here is an example ..

-- Daniel

 tell http show security
  Web Site: CSI Domino Cloudflair Internet Site (
     SSL enabled
     Key file name: /local/notesdata/cf_csi.kyr

  Web Site: CSI Domino SAN Punycode (
     SSL enabled
     Key file name: /local/notesdata/csi.kyr


1Paul Thorne  29.09.2020 5:01:13  Domino HTTP show kyr file used

Been using it for years :) . Very helpful when configuring certificates on many websites at once.



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