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Daniel Nashed


Domino Deletion Log Update for US timezones

Daniel Nashed  27 June 2019 04:41:45
There has been an issue in my Deletion Log Tool for US locales. I was surprised this did not come up earlier, because it is a quite general issue.
The problem was that for US timezones the month and the date have different orders (MDY instead of DMY).

The @TextToTime used to convert the date stored in the deletion log file was converted incorrectly.

I had to change the code to use the @Date function instead, specifying the components of the date separately, which wasn't obvious (see previous blog post for details).

The new version now correctly converts those dates also for US locales. I have updated the version to 0.9.3 (you need to request it again).

Interestingly I am not getting much feedback for the tool. This was the first issue reported since I shipped the first version when Domino 10 came out.
I only had around 50 requests for the deletion log database so far.  Are you using deletion log at all? Are you annotating it on your own?

If you are not using deletion logging, I would be interested to understand why.
I think this was one of the big missing features to figure out what was going on with deletions but I hardly get any questions from customers about the feature.

-- Daniel

1Paul Withers  27.06.2019 7:28:34  Domino Deletion Log Update for US timezones

For my own applications (XPages and non-XPages) I've had custom deletion logging functionality that I've used for a while. Thank you for the prompt that I should blog about it!



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