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Daniel Nashed

Domino Community Image - New Nomad Server install option

Daniel Nashed – 30 July 2022 15:07:15

The Nomad server is a new offering to directly add Nomad support to your Domino server instead of using a SafeLinx server.
Recently I added a SafeLinx container to the Domino community project.

Now I am adding the Nomad Server to the Domino image as a new build options.

The build script now has a new option, which works like other options like -verse and -capi.
It just adds the Nomad server to the image and exposes the standard Nomad port 9443 in the new image.

Installing the Nomad Server is basically just an extract of the tar into the Domino binary directory.

The result is an image, with out of the box Nomad web support.

Even for a new server Nomad Web could be available configured via OneTouch Setup.
The only challenge here is to get a trusted certificate.

This can be Let's Encrypt or any other certificate you import via PEM or P12.
Or you could export the trusted root from a Domino MicroCA and add it as a trusted root to your browser.
The last step is probably only a good idea for a quick test environment.

./ domino 12.0.2EAP3 -nomad

12.0.2EAP3          [OK] Domino_12.0.2_Linux_English_EAP3.tar
1.0.5               [OK] nomad-server-105-beta-domino-linux-1202.tgz
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