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Domino CertMgr OpenNTF webinar and brand new HCL GitHub repository

Daniel Nashed  18 June 2021 04:45:54

OpenNTF webinar

OpenNTF invited me to an on-line webinar to speak about the new Domino V12 Certificate Manager and all components involved.

This was the first public presentation with all the technical details and background.

If you are interesting in the new Domino V12 CertMgr functionality you should at least look into the slides. Or watch the replay on YouTube linked below.

HCL GitHub repository for Domino V12 CertMgr

In the webinar I had the pleasure to announce a new open source GitHub repository which is mainly intended to provide, share and collaborate in the area of CertMgr DNS provider configurations.

But you will also find other related CertMgr related information.

CertMgr Lab Environment leveraging Let's Encrypt Pebble

I just added a Let's Encrypt Pebble based test environment this morning. It's described in the bonus material of the OpenNTF seminar.

And the directory in the GitHub repo comes with a detailed readme to setup your Docker environment.

You can use it for testing in a local environment without any inbound HTTP connection on port 80 for ACME HTTP-01 challenges and also for DNS-01 challenges without the need to have a DNS provider!

The Docker based environment can be also used to trace and understand the ACME flows.
Once you have it setup you see the incoming requests from CertMgr on the Pebble side flowing life on the console.

There have been a lot of questions in the webinar chat. Even this was one of my few presentations I finished in time including the demos, not all could be answered.

I am waiting for the summary of the questions and will make sure they are all covered and the answers will be posted soon.

Still even with a 90 minute session, not all details can be covered. I think the GitHub repository will be a great way for the community for DNS TXT API related information.

Writing new integrations for DNS API providers would be a session on it's own. So I am really happy that we got this GitHub project.

You will find configuration for some well known DNS providers. If you have a DNS provider not listed and they have a REST based interface, I really want hear from you.

Nobody can get accounts for all the different provides. But what has been build into CertMgr should make it really easy to use REST based interfaces and adopt them in minutes.


June OpenNTF Webinar - Domino V12 Certification Manager


YouTube Video:

HCL GitHub Repository for Domino V12 CertMgr

Let's Encrypt Peeble based lab environment for CertMgr testing

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