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Daniel Nashed


Domino cannot use different ports for different Relay Hosts

Daniel Nashed  25 March 2009 11:01:21
A couple of days ago we ran into customer request that first sounded like a simple configuration change.
The customer wanted to send mail to different SAP systems all listening on the same IP/Host on different ports (example: port 2500 and 2501).
My first idea was to create foreign SMTP domains and foreigent SMTP connection docs with a relay host specified.
I was very surprised that this did not work and found a TN and a SPR for an enhancement request SPR # DJOE567FV9

I opened a PMR to get this verified. According to support and L2 also checked with SET ┬┤there is currently no way to specify different ports for different relay hosts.
You can only change the destination port per server in the internet ports tab of the Domino server. You cannot specify something like in the SMTP connection doc!

Many customers can get routing like this implemented thru their none-Domino servers in their DMZ (Ironport, Sendmail, ...) but IMHO this is something that should be possible inside a Domino Domain without any extra software tools.

-- Daniel

1Keith Brooks  25.03.2009 18:21:29  Domino cannot use different ports for different Relay Hosts

This came up in the BP Forum as well i believe sometime in the past few months.

One could end up with a gateway stand alone domino server which routes to the other ports.

A bad work around perhaps.



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