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Daniel Nashed


Domino Access Service Documentation is back

Daniel Nashed  5 August 2020 21:37:50
Last week I asked for the DAS documentation. It was lost in transition but someone at HCL found it and took it back on-line :-)

Here is the official link in the Wiki link:

He also pointed me to the Swagger UI and how you can run it on your own Domino server.

And you find the online version here -->

-- Daniel


1Edoardo  05.10.2021 7:16:03  Domino Access Service Documentation is back

Hi Daniel! Great! It's good to have the documentation back, and the swagger page is very helpful.

I tried the attachment API (that's present on the swagger but not on the official documentation). I correctly received an HTTP status 201 from the server, but no attachment shows on the document. Did you ever try it?

Thanks for all the information you're regularly posting!




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