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Daniel Nashed


Updateing autoupdate.nsf with the new template (14.0 08.03.2024)

Daniel Nashed  17 April 2024 22:52:58

The new fit & finish work and the new autcat.nsf integration requires template changes.
Please make sure you are getting the template version 14.0 from 08.03.2024 and not the earlier version from 03.11.2023 shipped with Domino 14.

When deploying the container image I noticed an issue with the folder permissions where the container image is getting template updates for Fixpacks.

The directory  /opt/hcl/domino/notes/latest/linux/data1_bck/140FP1/localnotesdata
contains updated templates.

But the directory can be only accessed by "root" and the container runs with the "notes" user.
This is not new to 14.0 FP1. Also 12.0.2 fixpacks had the same permissions, but nobody noticed the missing updates.

I fixed it in the HCL Community container build. But the HCL container image does have the file permissions which prevent the deployment.
For hte HCL image you can remove /local/notesdata/domino_ver.txt, stop and remove the container and run it again.
This will initiate a full release template update - which also contains the FP templates.

In general if you are not using a container image, please make sure design refresh is running on autoupdate.nsf to get the latest functionality.

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