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Daniel Nashed

Domino 12.0.2 EAP1 "Danube" is available

Daniel Nashed – 24 May 2022 13:05:25
Domino 12.0.2 Early Access 1 code drop is available for Windows and Linux already!

Domino on Linux support for Kernel 5.x and SELinux enforced mode support

There is very good news for Domino on Linux in the system requirements many of you have been waiting for.
Beginning with Domino 12.0.2 the Linux 5.3 kernel will be supported. What has been tested is SLES 15.3.
Other distributions meeting the same requirements are also supported in the same way.

For more details and to discuss come to the Linux round-table at Engage on Wednesday.

Early Access 1 will bring a couple if great features already in the first drop.
Let me highlight two of them that have been high on my personal wish list:

Domino native VSS Writer support

This makes Domino a full VSS compatible application, with a native VSS Writer implementation!
This is a game changer for Domino Backup on Windows. And this is the first Windows feature where I see Windows ahead of Linux, because if offers a direct application level interface.

On Linux you could leverage the ZFS file-system, which is an awesome file-system, with a lot more other benefits.

But sadly the "auto recovery function"  VSS Writers bring to Windows, cannot be implemented with ZFS.
Auto recovery snapshots via VSS allow you to take a snapshot, mount the snapshot writable and apply delta information directly into the databases in the snapshot!

VSS Writer support + auto recoverable backups is really a very powerful combination.

I have been testing it with Veeam Backup & Replication already. The backup side now works without any freeze scripts.
The restore operations leverage the same integration introduced in 12.0.1. But the setup instructions have been completely rewritten and simplified.

See the GitHub repository for details -->

If you are at Engage conference, come to my session today to hear all the details and see a live demo.

Domino native anti-virus support via ICAP standard

EA1 previews the implementation of ICAP for mail flow scan (
You can point your Domino server to an ICAP server over a TLS connection and get all your attachments scanned in

This is a huge improvement and allows you to scan for example Domino servers on Docker -- without the need of having a special image.
But of course this isn't Docker only but will allow you to use it on other platforms as well-

After Domino backup this is the next important functionality to allow us to update to the latest versions and use the platform of your choice, without 3rd party software dependency.
If you are at Engage and you are interested in ICAP support, I have it setup on a VM on my notebook already.

Early Access forum

For details about ICAP and other features, you should join the Early Access forum for Domino 12.0.2!

You also find a complete list of features in the forum.

And there is already information how to setup the ICAP test server on Domino, in case you have no ICAP enabled virus scanner in your environment.
This includes a setup instruction for TLS using CertMgr.

See the official links for details:

What's new in 12.0.2?

Find all details including the 12.0.2 EA1 documentation here:

System Requirements
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 15 SP3 Linux-equivalent OS
  • Equivalent OS with the following kernel/packages:

    kernel 5.3.18 x86_64 or higher 5.3 kernel
    glibc-2.31 x86_64 or higher
    libstdc++6-11 x86_64 or higher
  • SELinux in Enforcing and Targeted mode has been tested and is now supported for Domino installations. (No policies were applied to Domino.)

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