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Daniel Nashed


    Domino 12 Restore point in time

    Daniel Nashed  14 July 2022 07:57:02

    Domino Backup can restore databases point in time!

    For other backup applications this functionality is usually only available with archive transaction log.
    But with circular translog or linear translog mode, the most current backup should have all the translogs available to recover point in time as well.

    Domino Restore allows you to restore point in time in that case.
    Even it is not guaranteed that the translogs are still there, this can be still a good configuration if you have servers without dramatic load.

    Circular / Linear Translog

    To make it fit for larger servers you could add like 20-40 GB of translog in linear mode (it is like circular translog just with more than 4 GB space).
    Running this configuration would allow point in time recovery for the latest backups without the complexity of archive style transaction logging.

    All my servers are configured this way and this is usually what really helps me.
    For example if you work on a template and want to recover the state of some code from half an hour ago.
    With point in time recovery you could go back to any state of the application.

    Not a disaster recovery option, but there is also clustering...

    Obviously you can't use circular/linear translog for a disaster recovery, because they are not in your backup.
    But translogs are usually only in backuped every 2-4 hours anyway.
    In case of important servers, you can address disaster recovery with Domino clustering.
    And you can bet that I have backup on both of my cluster mates with different backup back-ends. OK maybe that's overkill for a one person Domino environment ...

    How to restore point in time

    Image:Domino 12 Restore point in time

    1. First select the target restore time. the exact time the user requested.
    This field on purpose has a timezone to select the point in time from user perspective. They might be in a different timezone then the server and the admin.

    2. Now you can press the button to identify the right backup -- which will find the latest backup before the point in time you selected.
    The backup time is in GMT winter time/UTC. The time will be automatically converted in the back-end for you to UTC.

    3. For a point in time recovery you have to enable "Recover point in time"

    4. Optionally, if you don't want to restore to the current time, you need to specify the point in time.

    Another helper button next to the field helps you to put in the right time.
    If you press the button, it will use the time in point specified at (1).

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