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Daniel Nashed


Domino 10 flexible and easy Statistic Collection

Daniel Nashed  26 October 2018 08:53:33
Today I had another look into the statistic collection option that is available in Domino 10.
The idea of my post is to give you an idea what this can do for you.
Even if you have no central system yet or if it was to complicated to integrate. This sample might be helpful to see how it works out of the box with very simple configuration.

This new functionality pushes the server statistics per minute to a defined target via HTTP post.

By default this is prepared to work with NewRelic. But you can configure it to use any kind of target!

There are notes.ini settings to change the format depending on your target and there are place holders that are filled (like $Name and $Value).

If the target needs JSON or similar formats, you can change it accordingly and there are examples in admin help.

There are separate settings for the normal stats and the new per minute delta stats which have been added.

See this link for details:

To see how the statistics are published, I have created a simple Notes database with a simple agent that my server can post the data to.

This allows to see and test different formats in a very easy way. Of course you can push it to any other application. This was just a very simple and easy way for me.

I added the following notes.ini settings to my Domino 10 server:

STATPUB_METRIC_FORMAT=Domino.myserver.$Name$ $Value$
STATPUB_DELTA_METRIC_FORMAT=Domino.myserver.PerMinuteStats.$Name$ $Value$

The result is a single post to the target containing all the statistics.

My agent that consumes the post data just dumps everything into a document. Most of it into text fields but the request data is too big to fit into a text field. So I converted it to Richtext.

See my very basic sample database which can be used on any Domino HTTP server to collect the stats.

-- Daniel


1Enio Basso  12.02.2020 15:30:57  Domino 10 flexible and easy Statistic Collection

This week i started to work with Elasticsearch and Kibana to create a dashboard, instead of Newrelic.

This is my settings:

set config STATPUB_ENABLE=1

set config STATPUB_URI={ Link }

set config STATPUB_METRIC_FORMAT=""$Name$":$Value$

set config STATPUB_DELTA_METRIC_FORMAT=""$Name$":$Value$

set config STATPUB_HEADERS=X-License-Key: XXXXXX$Newline$Content-Type: application/json$Newline$Accept: application/json$Newline$

set config STATPUB_DATA_HEAD={"host":"myserver","version":"1.0.0","name":"myserver/Renovations","timestamp":"$Timestamp$","guid":"com.renovations.domstats","duration":60,"metrics":{

set config STATPUB_DATA_TAIL=}}

Domino will post the following data on Elasticsearch


"host": "myserver",

"version": "1.0.0",

"name": "myserver/Renovations",

"timestamp": "1581518363",

"guid": "com.renovations.domstats",

"duration": 60,

"metrics": {

"ADMINP.DirectoryDocumentsModified": 1,

"ADMINP.RelativeResponsesAdded": 6,

"ADMINP.ReplicasCreated": 4,




When i have a Dashboard, i will share on Github. But if you can invite more people, can be better.



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