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Daniel Nashed


Domino 10 Platform Requirement based on build plattform

Daniel Nashed  21 August 2018 16:50:23
Just learned that the new Linux build platform and version for Domino 10 means that the only supported platforms will be SLES 12, RHEL 7.4 and CentOS 7.4.

The main reason for not supporting RHEL 6.x is the older libs that come with RHEL 6.x including RHEL 6.10 (just checked).
RHEL 6.10 still comes with GLIBC 2.12 and RHEL 7.4 comes with GLIBC 2.14. There is no easy way to upgrade the GLIBC version!

So you have to keep that in mind and should already have a look into RHEL 7.4 / CentOS 7.4.
7.4 is stable and not much more complicated beside one major change.
Instead of init.d SLES 12 (which already around for a longer time) and RHEL 7 leverage systemd which is quite a change!
But the good news is that my start script already supports it for quite a while and many customers are happy with their RHEL 7.x environments.

I am posting that as a heads up to be prepared. That also means that I have to upgrade my production machines to a new version once Domino 10 is available..

-- Daniel


1Luc  05.09.2018 17:10:33  Domino 10 Platform Requirement based on build plattform

What is the support OS for Microsoft server and clients ? Any website with this information ..

2Daniel Nashed  10.09.2018 12:13:38  Domino 10 Platform Requirement based on build plattform

There is no official statement yet. It will be part of the release notes when Domino 10 ships.

For the server I would expect Win2012 R2 and Win 2016

For the client I would expect Win 7 and Win 10.

All clients will be 32bit and there will be only 64bit Servers.

No Win32 Server any more!

-- Daniel

3Marc Thomas  20.10.2018 11:32:22  Domino 10 Platform Requirement based on build plattform

Just to keep your post updated.

4Daniel Nashed  20.10.2018 11:49:42  Domino 10 Platform Requirement based on build plattform

@Marc, Thanks! I already have a post about that ;-)



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