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Daniel Nashed


Docker, WSL and VMware Workstation running at the same time on Windows 10

Daniel Nashed  13 June 2020 17:16:31

This is awesome news! When I updated this week to Windows 10 Pro 2004, I looked into what's new.
WSL2 got some updates and there is a new Windows Sanbox, which is also pretty cool to test stuff.

You can enable it and start it just like an app. This is similar to starting a Linux desktop like Ubuntu.

WSL2 is around for a while but I never looked into it. The what's new and the Sandbox made me look into it.

Once you enabled WSL2 and downloaded one of the distributions form the Microsoft store (Ubuntu in my case), you can really run Linux on your Windows machine.

Docker on Windows

But the really cool part is that Docker now supports WSL2 and leverages it instead of leveraging a Linux installed on a Hyper-V VM.

I never liked the Docker integration for Windows. But this is a game changer!
Our Domino on Linux project including all build scripts and the management script just runs in an Ubuntu bash.
And you can look into your containers also with your Docker desktop environment on Windows.

So that means we are now also supporting our Domino Docker project on this new platform.

VMware Workstation 15.5 on the same machine

Of course my development environment will stay on CentOS 7 with Docker CE.
And this continues to run on my VMware workstation installed on the same machine!

This was the biggest surprise I had, when I did some research.

I didn't use the Linux sub-system or Docker because this conflicted with my VMware workstation.

But since version 15.5 -- thanks to VMware and Microsoft working together -- both virtualization technologies can work hand in hand.

All the installation was really straight forward. I updated to Windows 2004, installed WSL2 and updated my VMware Workstation, before installing the current Docker version.

Enclosed you find links with background information and also how to set it up!

-- Daniel

Image:Docker,  WSL and VMware Workstation running at the same time on Windows 10

References you should check if your want to install it on your own

Docker using WSL2

What's new in Windows 2004

Windows Sandbox

VMware Workstation 15.5 Now Supports Host Hyper-V Mode

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL): The Ultimate Guide

What's new in WSL"


1Bachka  12.11.2020 20:35:57  Docker, WSL and VMware Workstation running at the same time on Windows 10

hi, this is not real a solution. you must disable cpu virtualisation in VMWare, which means, that all your VMs useless slow or broken...

if you can show a prove then i would accept this as a solition, might be a video, ;).

again useless lost years with damn ms windows!



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