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Daniel Nashed


Domino Docker Update

Daniel Nashed  11 May 2019 03:23:56
We had a great full day DNUG Docker workshop and I learned for the next time.
Not every Domino admin is very familiar with virtualization software on their notebook.
Next time I will come up with check list and recommendations.

Beside that we got great feedback and I think it also makes sense to have dedicated workshops for ISVs and other business partners.

We are planning to support more add-on products on the IBM/HCL side.
Beside the Domino and Domino Community Image, we have a Traveler image.
And we are currently working on the AppDevPack image.

Those images can be customized with a management script that we also added to the project.
It's a script that gives you a way to customize existing images (derive your own image) and also manage containers on your local Docker host.
This helped the participants in the workshop to get things up and running.

I also started to prepare scripts for automatic certificate installation including importing the proton/IAM certificate into a person document.
And also to create a keyring file.

One key principal for Docker is that very thing should be automated.
For example from installation, to updating and monitoring . A while ago we added a basic health monitor which can be extended modifying the script that comes with the image.

The AppDevPack documentation is more like cookbook. If you mess up some ingredients, the result might not what you expect and you don't know why.
Putting the security components together isn't that intuitive. And I think we will need a documentation for the security part which goes thru all aspects in one document instead of splitting up all components.

Building routines to automate the configuration for Docker is quite helpful. And my current plan is to write up some documentation about how this all fits together -- which will be more than a cookbook.

-- Daniel

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