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Daniel Nashed


    Docker Project Update - Domino 11 & Traveler 11 Support

    Daniel Nashed  6 January 2020 07:20:59

    During the Domino 11 beta we already updated the Domino and also the Traveler versions in the "develop" branch.

    We used it for our own testing and it was also documented for the beta community. There was a special build option for the beta.

    When Domino 11 and Traveler 11 was released 20.12.2019 we updated the develop branch to the V11 GA version and removed all the beta downloads and references.

    This weekend we have also updated the master branch to V11 -->

    The project is updated to build Domino 11 by default and tag it as "latest".
    Also Traveler 11 will build on "latest" Domino version. This means the Traveler 11 image will be now based on the Domino 11 image by default.

    The configuration files in the management directory have also been updated to use V11.

    You can still build Domino 9 and Domino 10 images with different FP versions, if you specify the version explicitly - the software.txt still contains all versions.

    A Docker image is intended to auto update and always run the latest version.

    So if you start from scratch, you will be using V11. If you have existing containers, you can update them to V11 in seconds once you build the new image.

    Yes the Docker image does update data directories for Domino and Traveler servers as well!

    The first start after an update will detect the changed version and will apply template changes.

    All templates and other files are added to a compressed tar file, which is part of the image.

    We are also using a new V11 notes.ini SERVER_UPGRADE_NO_DIRECTORY_UPGRADE_PROMPT=1 parameter introduced in Domino 11 for those kind of upgrades.

    This parameter updates the design of the Domino Directory on admin server without prompting and without logging.

    So once you switched to a new image, the upgrade of your server will happen automatically.

    If you want to see detailed logs about an installation or an upgrade check the /domino-docker directory in your container for details.

    This directory contains all the Domino Docker specific information (only the entry point script and the health check script are still located in the /).

    Below you find an output log for an upgrade from V11 Beta2 to the GA version.

    Enjoy and we are really looking forward to your feedback.

    Thomas Hampel

    Daniel Nashed

    -- Example Domino 11 Update --

    Once you built the new image, it's a single command if you are using the management script on a local Docker host...

    The following is using our Docker management script. But of course this will work similar in other environments running the image as well.

    ./docker_domino inspect

    (Using config file /local/cfg/config_domino)

    Info: New Image Version available!


    Status         :  running

    Health         :  healthy

    Started        :  10.12.2019 15:45:59

    Name           :  noteslab-domino11

    Image          :  hclcom/domino:11.0.0.BETA2

    Version CNT    :  11.0.0.BETA2

    Version IMG    :  11.0.0

    Image Size     :  1474 MB

    Domino Ver CNT :  11.0.0.BETA2

    Domino Ver IMG :  11.0.0

    BuildTime CNT  :  23.11.2019 18:28:42

    BuildTime IMG  :  20.12.2019 17:50:05

    Hostname       :  noteslab-domino11

    Volumes        :  notesdata_noteslab1

    NetworkMode    :  default

    IPAddress      :

    Platform       :  linux

    Driver         :  overlay2


    Container ID   :  b895e7c101c9

    Image-ID CNT   :  31d3c36e8a75

    Image-ID IMG   :  ba3fc0807b95


    Docker Ports   :

                     1352/tcp ->

                     25/tcp ->

                     443/tcp ->

                     80/tcp ->


    ./docker_domino update

    (Using config file /local/cfg/config_domino)

    Info: New Image Version available!

    Updating Container [noteslab-domino11] ...

    Stopping Container [noteslab-domino11] before update ...


    Removing Container [noteslab-domino11] ...


    Creating & starting new Container [noteslab-domino11] ...


    Successfully updated Container [noteslab-domino11]

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