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DNUG Deep Dive – Domino Container Workshop in English

Daniel Nashed  10 March 2021 14:07:20
We had a Domino Container workshop in January and got a lot of questions if we could do another work-shop in English.

DNUG is a German speaking user group. And provides sessions mainly for German speaking customers.
But the board decided that we can do a English repeat.

This is a paid workshop, which is discounted for members. And we have some seats reserved for members.
But it is an open workshop for Domino on Docker, Podman and Kubernetes.

Every participant will work on an own virtual server I am preparing for you -- I have a Notes database to create hosted servers at a provider including DNS using their REST APIs  ...
This server will be used to install Domino on Docker and also K8s in the afternoon.

The workshop will provide technical background information and hands on.
Here are the details about the workshop. If you have questions just ping me.

-- Daniel

Image:DNUG Deep Dive – Domino Container Workshop in English



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