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DNUG 4 hours Notes / Domino V14 Deep Dive

Daniel Nashed  28 November 2023 22:35:35

After the official Domino V14 launch on December 7, the DNUG Domino focus group organizes another Deep Dive Domino event.
We will cover all new features and answer your questions about Notes/Domino V14 and latest version of Domino companion products.

Time and date are not a coincident ;-) .. and there is a lot to discover.

The DNUG Lab is already updated to Domino 14.0 EA3 and I will update it to the GA version as soon it is available. You will get first hands experience.

Sorry that this is even is in German. But there will be other events hopefully soon to cover the new features.

My favorite features:

- Passkey authentication
- Domino AutoUpdate
- Admin Central

Event page -->
The registration link is on the page.

Looking forward to may of you attending.

-- Daniel

Image:DNUG 4 hours Notes / Domino V14 Deep Dive

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