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Daniel Nashed


Disable Log Session Info in log.nsf

Daniel Nashed  25 June 2009 09:55:58

After getting this question twice within two days it looks like this is not commonly known.
The only reference I found in public how to disable this session information is in the Domino Wiki with a reference to DCT (link).

Session detail Information (sessions, databases accessed) can be a privacy issue and also a performance issue because there is one document per session and user in log.nsf.
The only way to disable this session information is to use the notes.ini setting LOG_DISABLE_SESSION_INFO=1.

Side Note:
For privacy issues you can also avoid that database activity is logged in the database.
By default the statlog task will enable session logging. To disable the auto activity logging per database by the statlog task you can specify notes.ini No_Force_Activity_Logging=1
But this does not prevent logging for already enabled databases. You have to disable activity logging per database in the database properties
(or use an API tool to loop thru the databases to disable the activity logging on low level).

-- Daniel


1Bastian Mueller  25.06.2009 19:19:13  Disable Log Session Info in log.nsf

The IBM Wiki isn´t the only source for this...

There is a website called LNToolbox which started to collect all the notes.ini entrys

{ Link }

I really like there notes.ini Analyzer. Its currently not finished and a beta release but it is very powerfull. You can parse a notes.ini and it will explain you which entry does what.

I use it quite often in the past. I have many customers who set some notes.ini entrys where I doesn´t know what they do... Or... I parse the notes.ini and have a look in the other section. I often have 2-3 notes.ini entrys where the customer has some spelling errors in it "LOG_DISABLE_SESION_INFO" <--- with one S for example... so this is easy to find for me :-).

A great free tool...

2Daniel Nashed  26.06.2009 10:31:57  Disable Log Session Info in log.nsf

What I wanted to say is that Domino Wiki is the only authorative IBM resource that references this notes.ini setting.

There are other notes.ini projects like Rudi's database that I replicate... But IMHO a parameter should be listed either in Admin help, Kbase or any other IBM documentation to be supported.

-- Daniel

3Bastian Mueller  29.06.2009 7:42:23  Disable Log Session Info in log.nsf

Ah ok... I understand...

yes I know rudis DB too... but this didn´t have all notes.ini entrys. They miss many debug settings and all settings for IDVault, Traveler, DAOS, ...

And some entrys are not correct. But as long as you found it useful why not :-). I will stick by lntoolbox :-).

Oh and yes you are true, these notes.ini options should be documented by IBM.

4Wim Savenberg  01.04.2021 7:26:22  Disable Log Session Info in log.nsf

In the past I've use lntoolbox as well but now it seems that this website is offline.


Are you still using this ? Was the website moved ?

Hopefully I'll get a response (since this is an old blog entry)



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