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Daniel Nashed

DACHNUG in Regensburg - Domino Track & Lab

Daniel Nashed – 16 June 2024 15:57:19

This time the Domino focus group has sessions on Wednesday.

My session is the last session before lunch time and my focus will be Domino 14 including what is new in 14.0 FP1.

Therefore I am trying something new. I am publishing most of the slides before the session (but I keep some surprises for the presentation, explain details and answer questions).

You can also look at the presentation and prepare questions ahead of time and also stop by in the lab on Monday already.

The on-line lab is running the latest versions of Domino and companion products.

We look at  anything of what's new in any of the Domino track sessions and beyond.

On top of the lab, I just prepared a lab machine running Windows 11 leveraging Docker Desktop, the Windows Sandbox and other tools.

There is just too much new functionality for a one day track and a lot to discover.

The lab and the booth we are having is a good opportunity to take a look, discuss and add

I am looking forward to meet many of you in Regensburg this week.

-- Daniel


Machine details
  • Windows 11 Sandbox
  • WSL running Ubuntu LTS 24.04
  • Docker Desktop
  • Nomad Web

This base allows to demo a lot of stuff and is great base for Windows machines.

Beside that I bring a Raspberry Pi running Ubuntu 24.04 to look into Nomad Web on an ARM machine.

What to explore
  • The DNUG Lab with Domino 14.0 FP1 installed
  • Windows Sandbox -- a great tool for testing
  • Automatic Domino configuration on Windows with OTS (Domino + Nomad web single command install)
  • Building & running the Domino Community image
  • Running Domino in a container on Docker and Docker Desktop
  • Grafana for Domino
  • Domino 14.0 FP1 Auto Update
  • Domino on Linux one command native installer & configuration
  • Domino Download Script
  • Many HCL & Nash!Com Open Source projects

Image:DACHNUG in Regensburg - Domino Track & Lab

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