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Daniel Nashed

Customizing Domino Out of Office Service

Daniel Nashed – 29 March 2013 16:44:08

I have got this question from two customers in the same week and I have never looked into this before.
Thanks for Julie to point me to the right direction. With that information (field names) I found an interesting old The View article.
It looks like this is the only documented source for this information.

In my customer case the requirement was to not have the OOS (Out of Office Service) reply to potential SPAM messages even OOO replies to Internet email should be enabled in general.

If you want to change which messages a OOS should reply to you first need to understand which messages are skipped by by OOS already:

- Mail generated by an Out of Office service or agent (field: "$OOS")

- Generated by the Mail file owner

- Auto-generated Mail. OOS follows Domino or Internet conventions for auto-generated mail.

The following fields are checked

(indicates the message was sent programmatically by server or client code e.g via agent)

(indicates the message was forwarded programmatically).

OOS also checks fields added by mail applications in accord with Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards to specify whether the message was generated by a human or automatically.

Field Names:
Auto-Submitted=auto-generated or Auto-Submitted=auto-replied

- Also messages generated by the router as a non-delivery report Generated by List servers according to IETF standards for automated responders, including Mailer-daemon, listserv, and so on

So if you want to ignore potential SPAM messages you can just set one of those fields in a pre-delivery agent or the AntiSpam solution on server side.

In my case I am running a pre-delivery agent already and just added the fields to the mail to skip an OOO response.

-- Daniel

Sub Initialize
        Dim s As New NotesSession
        Dim doc As NotesDocument
        s.ConvertMime = False
        Set doc = s.DocumentContext
        If doc.HasItem( "nshsmtp_TotalScore" ) Then
                If (doc.nshsmtp_TotalScore(0) > 0) Then
                        Call doc.ReplaceItemValue( "$AssistMail", "1" )
                        Call doc.ReplaceItemValue( "Auto-submitted", "auto-generated" )
                        Call doc.PutInFolder( "($JunkMail)" )
                        Call doc.RemoveFromFolder( "($Inbox)" )
                End If
        End If
End Sub

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