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Daniel Nashed

Critical AIX OS level IOCP issue on AIX 7.2.x , affecting Domino

Daniel Nashed – 21 May 2022 10:00:59
There are not that many AIX Domino customers around any more.
But for everyone using Domino on AIX, you should know about this critical issue.

Domino uses the IOCP API for all native TCP/IP connections (it's used on the NTI layer, which is the abstraction layer between Domino and the OS level TCP/IP interfaces).
According to the ARPA only bos.iocp.rte is affected.

I am running into some weird NSFSearch (SEARCH transaction) performance issue with Domino on AIX on larger databases and it isn't clear if this might be also network related.

But for sure you should be aware of this IOCP AIX issue.
And if you have performance issues or network issues on AIX, open a ticket at IBM first, before looking into low level Domino traces.

I ran into this before some month ago. But have a current case, where this issue or a similar issue could be the root cause.

That's why I am posting for awareness.

-- Daniel

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