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Daniel Nashed


Console Command Output and log.nsf

Daniel Nashed  10 May 2011 20:16:54

A customer asked me this week if he can avoid that command output is written to the log.nsf

There is a way to do it but the documentation has been removed from admin help. It used to be in admin help but there still references on the web.

You can set log_console=0 to completely disable the logging into log.nsf

The output is still shown on the console

-- Daniel

Log_Console = 1

By default, all console command output (except output preceded by an exclamation point) is recorded in the server log. With Log_Console, you can control console command logging by setting this variable to the following:

Value        Description

0        Console command logging disabled
1        Console command output logged, unless it's prefixed with an exclamation point (this is the default; it produces the same behavior as omitting Log_Console from Notes.ini)
2        Console command output logged, whether or not it's prefixed with an exclamation point
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