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    Lotusphere / IBM Connect 2013 -- meet me there

    Daniel Nashed  22 January 2013 15:40:03

    Last days before Lotusphere / IBM Connect 2013 in Orlando ... This year I got two sessions in different tracks ...

    If you plan to look into Domino on Linux the Show and Tell session might be for you.
    I am showing a complete server install and also how to tune and troubleshoot it.

    The session comes with a complete set of screen prints for SLES and RHEL and I will use SLES 11 SP2 in the live in session.
    You will also see up to date tuning and configuration information in the second part of the session.

    Show 105 - IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino on Linux 101
    Sunday 10:30 - 12:30

    The second session is about performance tuning and will show best practices and experiences from the field in the admin and also developer area.

    BP106 IBM Lotus Domino RunFaster=1
    Wednesday 15:00 - 16:00

    There is also a "Linuxfest" event which is not listed on the official agenda that you might want to attend if you are interested in Linux

    -- Linuxfest Returns! --

    Back for another informative all-inclusive Linux session in 2013
    Join Bill Malchisky, Wes Morgan, and guest Daniel Nashed

    When: Thursday, 31 January
    Where: Dolphin Hotel - Sum Chow's (Next to Picabu, Level 1)
    Time: 12:15 - 1:30 pm
    Other: Bring your box lunch!

    I have added some new stuff to my Domino on Unix/Linux start script which I have not blogged about because I have been quite busy the last two month.

    If there is any feedback for the script or if you want to know something specific find me after the sessions or at the "Linuxfest" ...

    Have a great conference and a save trip to Orlando if you are attending Connect 2013 ...

    -- Daniel


    1Paul Mooney  22.01.2013 17:40:13  Lotusphere / IBM Connect 2013 -- meet me there

    Having seen Daniel's SNT session, I cannot recommend it enough.

    2Ray Bilyk  22.01.2013 19:07:50  Lotusphere / IBM Connect 2013 -- meet me there

    See you there!



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