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Daniel Nashed


CentOS 8 Stream

Daniel Nashed  14 December 2020 08:59:55

Interesting how many people are using CentOS in the Domino world and are unsure what is going to happen with CentOS and if HCL will still support it.
I got a couple of people pinging me already last week about what is going to happen with Domino on CentOS in future.

CentOS has been always a very safe bet in the Linux space. It is build from the same sources than RHEL and is a proven environment.
IBM and Redhat introducing changes with CentOS Stream where CentOS Stream will be ahead of RHEL and changes are going from CentOS stream into RHEL.
RHEL also supports the Stream model as also UBI the Redhat Linux Docker image uses (see some details in the FAQ).

CentOS Stream - What is this change about?

The very short summary is the following:

We are moving from:  RHEL x.y (stable) --> CentOS x.y (stabe)

To a model like this:   Fedora (bleeding edge) --> CentOS Stream (almost a safe bet) --> RHEL (stable)

CentOS Stream will be still a stable, enterprise Linux and you can continue to use it with for all your applications.
Redhat is using it now also for their development cycle of the next dot release of their enterprise OS. And this move is somehow understandable.

And this might lead to some customers rethinking if they want to take the risk running their enterprise software on a free solution without enterprise support.
If you look into other platforms, there is no completely safe bet if you are in a free distribution.

So basically IBM/Redhat are pulling the plug from a complete free enterprise Linux and are using CentOS Stream for their needs.

What does this mean for example for HCL software on CentOS?

It's still very new information about CentOS Stream but it is clear to me, that HCL will continue to support CentOS.

There is no reason why this should change anything for applications like. And it is still a stable platform.

CentOS Steams will be just a bit ahead of RHEL. So it is like HCL would support a preview version of the next incremental release of RHEL.

Certainly changes for example in the kernel or other components like glibc etc could lead to issues in very very rare conditions.

This could potentially hit customers more in edge conditions -- for example with very heavy work-loads. And not the average smaller customer/partner environment.

I am using the Stream release for RHEL 8, CentOS 8 and also the UBI 8 image today. And I don't see any issues with it so far.

-- Daniel

More details about the change CentOS Stream

The following blog post and FAQ is a good starting point if you want to look into details.

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