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Daniel Nashed


    CentOS 8 Released

    Daniel Nashed  5 October 2019 13:55:47
    RHEL 8 is available for a while. And traditionally CentOS takes a couple of month before it is also updated to the same code base.

    I have downloaded and installed CentOS 8. The first version was the full version. There wasn't a minimum base image yet.

    Be aware that neither CentOS 8 nor RHEL 8 nor SLES 15 SP1 are currently supported!
    There are even packages which have older versions in CentOS 8 than the last updated of CentOS 7!
    For example I tried to install the latest Docker CE version 19.09. It needs a newer version than what is currently shipped on CentOS 8.
    So I would stay with your current releases for now!

    Of course I have looked into SLES 15 SP1, RHEL 8 and CentOS 8 with Domino to see if it works.
    I don't think it makes sense to look into Domino 10 support for those platforms. I would expect an updated Linux version support for Domino 11.

    On the Docker side I ran into an issue preparing demons on a different machine.
    When you pull a centos:latest image today, you will get centos 8 which isn't working with the current dockerfiles which ships with the master version of the Docker project.
    We have updated the develop branch of the project already with a changed dependency:

    FROM centos:7 will continue provide the latest image of CentOS 7.

    So the project has been updated with another currently experimental dockerfile to build Domino on CentOS 8 for testing.

    But I can only recommend that you stay on CentOS 7 for now because that's the tested and supporter version.

    This is true for native and also Docker image versions!

    -- Daniel

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