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Daniel Nashed


Can I assume a SMTP sender has a SPF record

Daniel Nashed  11 May 2021 10:05:50

Just checked all my mails my SpamGeek received this year for DNS-TXT records.
I added all DNS TXT records to existing SpamGeek logs.

Now I am looking into the results..

I am not yet automatically checking SPF records -- this is the step before to check if I want SPF records ...
  • Almost all my customers have SPF records
  • Many spammer or newsletter sender have SPF records

So what would be the strategy?
  • I would give someone without SPF record a small negative reputation?
  • Give anyone with not matching SPF higher negative reputation?
  • Do nothing for someone with a good SPF record? --> Because that is what I would expect?

Not sure you can modify the behavior of your anti-spam in that detail?
But if you could, what would be your strategy?

The next step is really to add libspf to the Linux version of SpamGeek.
The code is ready to go. I just need to plug it in -->

-- Daniel


1Alex  22.08.2022 11:17:08  Can I assume a SMTP sender has a SPF record

Hi Daniel, I just installed Domino 12.0.2 early access drop 4 and activated SPF checking with the option to "log and reject message".

Recently I received 2 spam mails that went to my Inbox having a new item "Received_SPF" saying something like:

"none XXX domain of XXX com does not provide an SPF record) ...."

Regarding your questions from 2021, what would you say: having NO SPF record is valid or not ? I would say NO. I dont want anyone to send me an email with a badly configured DNS record.

So, I have no idea why HCL didnt add the option to take an action according to the different results of SPF checking they are performing and let me decide. What is your opinion or am I completely wrong ?

2Daniel Nashed  23.08.2022 6:43:41  Can I assume a SMTP sender has a SPF record


I personally think SPF and other functionality should result into a score where multiple factory contribute, like with my SpamGeek.

There is no one criteria alone, that works and you can't always make a binary decision on a single message attribute like SPF.

I have not checked if there is a way to configure it. But this is early access version and you could bring your question/feedback directly to the development team here -->



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