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Daniel Nashed


Borg Backup Ubuntu on WSL2

Daniel Nashed  14 June 2020 16:57:55

Some really cool software isn't available for Windows.

BorgBackup -> is on my list for very efficient backup.
I have tested it a while ago with my Domino Backup application. It's a bit more difficult for backing up one database after another.

But for backup of my source code and related files, this is a perfect match.

Already when playing with NSF backup the results for compression and deduplication have been amazing!

I can further optimize it removing or excluding binaries and objects. But this already looks great!

BorgBackup can use remote repositories. So I can send the data over SSH to a Linux machine.

And I could still use another backup tool to backup that repository. Actually I would probably use more than one repository.

Install BorgBackup

Sadly BorgBackup isn't included in the Ubuntu distribution for WSL2.

But you can download borg_linux64 and just use it.

BorgBackup is definitely a great tool to look into, if you are running on Linux!

See my backup results below from the first and second run today.

/mnt/n is my drive n: automatically mounted by WSL inside Ubuntu.

Because my source code directories will not change a lot, this is great incremental backup.

But it also worked well with Domino NSF if you have the right storage optimization strategy.

If you use DBMT with 10% pre-alloc and a compact not more than every 2 weeks, you should have a quite good deduplication rate

(assumed you have DAOS, NIFNSF and other storage optimization in place.

Here are some stats from my source code directories.

-- Daniel

borg create --stats notes@ /mnt/n/notesapi/work

notes@'s password:

Enter passphrase for key ssh://notes@


Archive name: Test

Archive fingerprint: 56db944f75a460d6bb14ce236fb5cde69106a0d2936b874454be1611cb360cff

Time (start): Sun, 2020-06-14 17:43:17

Time (end):   Sun, 2020-06-14 17:47:50

Duration: 4 minutes 33.05 seconds

Number of files: 10466

Utilization of max. archive size: 0%


                      Original size      Compressed size    Deduplicated size

This archive:              591.78 MB            305.64 MB            737.01 kB

All archives:            
   1.18 GB            611.28 MB            257.61 MB

                      Unique chunks         Total chunks

Chunk index:                    8503                21049


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