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Daniel Nashed


BES10 and Traveler 9

Daniel Nashed  27 February 2013 20:33:55

There has been some confusion about how BES10 will access Domino based mailfiles.
A couple of customers asked me to explain how this is going to work.
The following abstract describes briefly on high level how both will work together.

The current BES server uses a C-API based solution which access the Domino Mail-Databases via Notes protocol (NRPC).

With BES10 there is no native access any more and BES 10 only support devices with the new BB OS.
All communication between BES 10 and Domino will be over ActiveSync to a IBM Notes Traveler Server which will use native NRPC to access user's mailfiles.

So the communication is BES10 -> Traveler via ActiveSync
Traveler -> Domino via NRPC.

BB10 devices will normally connect to the BES10 server using the infrastructure that you already know.
So the same security and encryption applies for BB10 devices. You can use policies in a similar way you could use in previous BES releases.
The BES10 server will control the "business" part of the device.

For other device types like iOS and Android the connectivity will be directly from the device to the Traveler server using ActiveSync.
But the mobile device functionality of the BES10 server can be leveraged. So for iOS devices you can install a profile with a payload containing the ActiveSync account needed for Traveler and all sort of other settings.

BES10 and Playbook devices can also be connected directly to a Traveler server using ActiveSync.

When using BES10 and Playbook devices or the BES10 Server leveraging ActiveSync access you need Traveler 9 running on a Domino 9 server.
Both are planned to ship end of March 2013.

I hope this clarifies a bit how this new offering from Blackberry will work together with IBM Notes Traveler

-- Daniel

1JFranchetti  27.02.2013 23:11:43  BES10 and Traveler 9

Will this limit or change any functionality that we have now today between Notes and BlackBerry devices?

For example, I have seen that the Lotus Notes "Prevent copying" feature does not work on BB10 devices (you can't read those emails on a BB10 devices, but you could on pre-BB10 devices). Probably not important to many people (and it is not the best security method), though while the checkbox to do that exists, people will want to leverage it.

Wondering if that is a result of what you describe and if there will be other things discovered?

2Daniel Nashed  28.02.2013 7:33:41  BES10 and Traveler 9

I guess there will be a couple of limitations because ActiveSync does not provide all functionality that you can implement yourself using the native C-API integration.

3Andy Brunner  28.02.2013 8:59:47  BES10 and Traveler 9

Great post - This explaines a lot. Thank you!

4Peter Meuser  28.02.2013 22:49:08  BES10 and Traveler 9

Some of the differences of BDS/BB10 combined with Domino in comparision to BES5 are:

- no Server-based attachment rendering

- mail signatures can not be set by BDS admin

- Server-based rules can not be set from the BlackBerry environment

- the connection to EAS servers can also be run through a VPN-on-demand (without using the BlackBerry Infrastructure)

- no server-side fulltext search through your mailbox (hopefully IBM will add this to the Traveler implementation of EAS very soon, because this is not a limitation of BB10)

- users have to maintain their Notes Internet password/AD password on the BB too after every password change (this will cause some support calls for your helpdesk)

So far BB10 seems to work to some extend also with Traveler 8.5.3, but I would not recommend to use this combination in production environments.

5Daniel Nashed  04.03.2013 8:33:54  BES10 and Traveler 9

There are some inherent limitations because of ActiveSync

And some limitations because of Traveler.

Blackberry and IBM are working on some enhancements which will not make it into Traveler 9.0.

For example they want to have an extra application that can be deployed automatically that supports encrypted mail.

-- Daniel

6Nathan  12.03.2013 15:00:38  BES10 and Traveler 9

Lets hope traveler 9 fixes the not being able to accept calendar invatations issue with BB10. Its the one major thing that not working at all yet.

7Annanda  16.07.2013 13:36:54  BES10 and Traveler 9

Daniel please help are there any specific settings on the Domino server that needs to be changed.

We have been battling for a week now and cannot get the mail to push to the device.

I set up the account as per the activation email settings.

NO luck I keep getting the error on the device Not Connected - Password Required, no matter what I do I cannot get this password to authenticate with or without SSL

8chris  14.02.2014 17:27:07  BES10 and Traveler 9

How to get secure workspace working traveler 9.0 on Android?



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