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Daniel Nashed

Automagical Domino server upgrade to 12.0.1

Daniel Nashed – 14 December 2021 14:09:35

The One-Touch install I introduced recently is helping me to update all my beta 2 lab servers to 12.0.1 GA.
The script can be found and executed from here.

curl -sL | bash -

It knows about Flexnet and asks you to download the software first to the local directory.
And it already knows about the latest gold release. If you did not download it, there is an info where to search in FlexNet.

Please download [Domino_12.0.1_Linux_English.tar] from FlexNet to [/local/software]

1. Log into Flexnet first:
2. Visit the following URL:

The important part here is to authenticate first. Else the search link will get you results but you can't download.
This only works for customer accounts -- Partner accounts are still missing the download/search section.

Once the file is present starting the script again would detect earlier installations with this script and just update.

Updating Domino 12.0.1BETA2 -> 12.0.1 (output from the script detecting an earlier version).

Using central repositories for download.

If you have the software already downloaded to another server, you could directly load it from there exporting an environment variable:


Another tip: If you have the Docker community image GitHub repository installed, you could use our software container to host the software on that remote machine.

cd /mnt/storagebox/software
/local/github/domino-docker/software/ start

When you are done just remove and stop the container like this:

/local/github/domino-docker/software/ start

That's what I use most of the time for my installations from one of my local servers.
Or you can download the software from FlexNet directly before installation into the local directory  -- The same works when building the Docker image.

Pro tip: Downloading from FlextNet software via curl

The final download URL you get from the search above looks like this:'

You can use the URL directly with curl. The single quotes are important, because of the special chars in the URL!!

curl -L -o Domino_12.0.1_Linux_English.tar ''

The installer knows about the check-sum of the file. So there is no need to manually verify the file!

This is how I just updated most of my whole Domino lab to 12.0.1 -- The native part, which is not running on Docker, Podman or K8s.

-- Daniel

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