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Daniel Nashed

Auto updating to Domino V12.0.1 Beta1 on Docker

Daniel Nashed – 24 August 2021 08:36:59

Notes/Domino V12..01 Beta1 is available today!
I updated our Docker Community project to include the Beta1 in our software.txt list for Domino and Traveler.
So once you downloaded the beta1 Domino web kit for Linux Domino_1201_Linux_Beta1_English.tar you can start building the image..

./ domino 12.0.1BETA1

Then in my environment I just tagged it accordingly and pushed it up to my privat registry.

docker tag   9eca5365eb72

docker  push

My servers are running the domino_container script -- an extension to my Domino start script intended for Domino containers.
It allows you to maintain and run Domino server on Docker or Podman.

So I just went into the configuration and changed the image and ran the update command.
The update command detects that a new image is available and replaces the container.

This looks like the smoothest update I could think of :-)

Of course my other servers will need a custom image running my SpamGeek and other applications.
But the domino_container script comes with a build environment for add-on software as well.
So in the next step I will update my NashCom production image for updating my production servers soon.

Note: Domino beta versions are not intended for production use.
But I am living on the bleeding edge and want to know about potential issues early.
Domino V12.0.1 Beta1 works like a charm and you should get it up for testing..

See you in the beta forum ..

-- Daniel

domino_container update

(Using config file /etc/sysconfig/domino_container)

Info: New Image Version available!

Updating Container [domino] ...

Stopping Container ...
Removing Container ...

Creating & starting new Container [domino] ...

Image [] not found. Trying to pull image ..

12.0.1BETA1: Pulling from hclcom/domino
889524391d55: Already exists
fd4aa4a0b4f8: Pull complete
53072255a186: Pull complete
80700843fe14: Pull complete
ab9742aa49af: Pull complete
5cb150fddbcb: Pull complete
148e74752f95: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:5b74518616d01264651bc3df61a10a8bf577c5f2feb3783dd3d23026036003e0
Status: Downloaded newer image for

Successfully updated Container [domino]

domino_container inspect
(Using config file /etc/sysconfig/domino_container)

 Runtime        :  Docker 20.10.8
 Status         :  running
 Health         :  healthy
 Started        :  24.08.2021 10:11:10

 Name           :  /domino
 Image          :
 Version        :  12.0.1BETA1
 Domino Ver     :  12.0.1BETA1
 BuildTime      :  24.08.2021 09:49:53

 Hostname       :
 Volumes        :  /local/notesdata /local/translog /local/ft /local/nif /local/daos /local/borg
 Mounts         :  /local/notesdata /local/translog /local/ft /local/nif /local/daos /local/borg

 Container ID   :  fd4df05604ca
 Image-ID       :  9eca5365eb72

 Image Size     :  1666 MB
 NetworkMode    :  host
 Driver         :  overlay2
 Restart Policy :  unless-stopped
 Restart Retries:  0


1Smejkal  29.09.2021 17:50:13  Auto updating to Domino V12.0.1 Beta1 on Docker

Works great, thanks!

For other users without own registry.

I build the traveler 12.0.0 FP2 image on my PC (after changing the broken borg installation ;-))

./ -borg traveler 12.0.0 FP2

Rename the image tag:

docker image tag hclcom/traveler:12.0.0 hclcom/traveler:12.0.0FP2

Daniel: how to change that the tag name is ...FP2 without rename?

Save the image as tar archive:

docker save hclcom/traveler:12.0.0FP2 -o traveler_12_0_0_FP2.tar

Transfer the tar file to my cloud server:

scp traveler_12_0_0_FP2.tar root@myserver.xx:/software

Load the image on cloud sever:

docker load -i traveler_12_0_0_FP2.tar

domino_container cfg

change the CONTAINER_IMAGE entry


domino_container update

(Using config file /etc/sysconfig/domino_container)

Info: New Image Version available!

Updating Container [domino] ...

Stopping Container ...

Stopping systemd domino_container.service

Creating & starting new Container [domino] ...

Starting systemd domino_container.service

Successfully updated Container [domino]

An FP update in a just few minutes.

Fortunately, FP2 resolves the problem that mail is no longer immediately pushed to the clients



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